Main events

San Antón bonfires

16th of January

Celebration in honour of San Antonio Abad, patron saint of Casas Bajas. Inhabitants gather around their houses and make big bonfires where they eat and drink until late at night. Making a tour among all the bonfires is a tradition to finish the verbena (party)

Climbing the peloto

1st weekend of June

Recently, a mountain race has been held in Casas Bajas. Besides de competition, it has become a holiday where athletes, as well as those who go out to enjoy a good walk, take part in it.

San Salvador festivities

At the beginning of August

The first weekend of August take part the summer holidays of the town, being the first one in Rincón de Ademuz. There are five days full of activities, leisure and parties until the early hours of the morning.

Ultra trail "El Rincón"


Mountain range whose route is by all Rincón de Ademuz, from CastielFabib, to the north of the region. It is only for experts. In its hardest part, the distance is 170 km and 11 km the shortest one.

Apple fair


Each year, a town of Rincón, celebrates the "Apple Fair". The Esperiega Apple, native to the area, is the great star. It is a good opportunity to taste this apple variety and locally produced artisan products derived from it.

San Isidro Labrador

15th of May

Local holiday, where inhabitants meet in the recreational area "El Molino" and all together, prepare the traditional Gachas for the whole town. Last year, more than 1000 kg of meat and 500 kg of Gachas (wheat and maize flour) were cooked.